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Q1.  What is the cost for swimming?

A1.  Since all groups practice 5 days a week, excluding starfish, the fees are based on the number of children registered per family.  See our cost page for more details. 

Q2.   How do I know what group my child should be in?

A2.  If your child swam with the Cleveland Aqua Tigers last summer, they would register for the same group they were in the year before.  If you are unsure what group your child would be, on their first day of practice, they will come to the Freshman group at 8am and will be assessed by the coach and assigned to the appropriate group.  See our group page for more details.  

Q3.  The equipment page states my child needs a competitive suit, cap, and goggles for swim practice, where do I get those?

A3.  Competitive suits, caps, and goggles can be found at any sporting goods store such as Dick Sporting Goods or Academy.  They can also be found online at www.swimoutlet.com or at swim and tri in Knoxville.  

Q4.  Do parents need to stay during practice? 

A4.  It is at the parents discretion on whether they feel comfortable dropping their children off and leaving.  Most experienced swimmers are just dropped off and the parents of children just taking lessons (guppies) do stay. Several parents drop the swimmers and then walk the greenway!

Q5. Does my child need to be at every practice? 

A5.  It is recommended that swimmers attend as many practices as possible but we understand that summer is scheduled full of fun things to do such as camp, family vacations, etc.  

Q6.  Does my child need to attend every meet?

A6.  Your swimmer should make every attempt possible to be at all swim meets.  Swim meets help to reinforce the hard work they have put in at practice is paying off with faster times at the swim meets.  Swimmers need to declare on the upcoming events page if they will not be swimming.  Any swim meet where a swimmer does not declare they are attending will NOT be entered in events for that meet.  

Q7.  This is my child's first time swimming, do I still need to buy the team suit? 

A7.  All groups that compete competitively are required to have a team suit. Please see the group tab for more details.  Special pricing for the team suits are available and suits can be worn for more than one season.  In addition, the team suits are used for our year round USA team so if you child chooses to make swimming their year round sport, they would not need to purchase another suit.  . 

Q8.  How many meets are there? 

A8.  We have 8 meets total for the summer, no more than 2 per week and only Mon or Thur nights, 4 at home and 4 away.

Q9.  How long are the meets? 

A9.  Meets will begin at 5:30 or 6pm and last about 2 hours.

Q10.  How much do the weeknight dual meet cost? 

A10.  The 8 weeknight dual meets do not cost anything. Each pool does have a concession stand and you may choose to buy a drink or some food.

Q11.  What do you bring to a swim meet? 

A11.  It is mandatory that you have all of your swimming equipment; team suit, team cap, and goggles.  A towel is recommended to dry off in between events.   Bring a sharpie to write your child's events on their arm along with their name and age.  For comfort, families can bring lawn chairs, blankets, and coolers with drinks and snacks (venue dependent).      

Q12.  If it is raining out will practice or a swim meet be cancelled?

A12.  Rain alone will not cancel practice or swim meets.  In the event of thunder or lighting, all swimmers will exit the pool and wait 30 minutes from the last thunder or lightning event prior to getting back in.  

Q13.  What are the volunteer requirements for swim meets?  

A13.  Volunteering is required.  Each home meet requires 30 volunteers and away swim meet require 18 volunteers.  These volunteer positions include but are not limited to timers, water angels, place judges, concessions stand workers, and runners. Volunteering is tracked on our website with points earned per volunteer position.  If you do not volunteer you will be fined $150 at the end of the season. 

Q14.  What is City Meet? 

A14.  This is the last meet of the season.  The meet is typically all day Friday and Saturday with prelims in the morning and finals in the evening.  All 14 teams in our CASL group come together the last weekend of the season. The city meet is the only swim meet during the season in which you will be charged for based on the amount of events your children are entered in.  


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